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Professional Chimney Sweep Services in Greater New Orleans Area

Your chimney is an important ventilation system that allows smoke, toxins and dangerous fumes to escape the home. Do you want to know how to make your fireplace more efficient and durable?

A clean chimney means a safer, more efficient fireplace. A professional sweep service will make your chimney work substantially more efficiently than when it’s dirty, also will properly remove the smoke to the exterior of your home.

Our services helps you keep improve your chimney and fireplace efficiency, as well as saving on energy bills in the long run. Start by requesting an inspection today. Keep your house warm and cozy during the cold months with A Noble Sweep.




Maintaining your fireplace at their best condition reduces the chances of a fire, helping create a safer environment at home.


How often should a Chimney be swept?

You should have an annual chimney inspection by a real  professional that will determine if any sweeping or repairs are needed. Cleaning should be done as necessary, most homeowners opt to have a chimney cleaning done every year, however in some cases, it’s necessary to sweep more than once a year, especially if the operator, the fuel or the venting system are not properly matched.


We Clean All Types of Fireplaces

Whether you have installed a wood burning or gas burning fireplace, A Noble Sweep takes care of them all. Our team will make sure that any dangerous conditions such as gas leaks or improper ventilation are thoroughly taken care of.

While not all fires are preventable, most fireplace fires are. Take action now to prevent fires and to burn wood efficiently.


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We have served our customers for over 30 years and we are specialized in all types of fireplaces. Contact our team today and tell us what you need.



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