Maintenance & Repairs

Regular maintenance and needed repair is necessary for fire safety and performance reasons. A Noble Sweep Chimney Services can provide a number of these services to keep your system in optimal condition at all times.


I want to know my fireplace is safe and ready for use.

We offer a variety of thorough chimney inspection services to improve your chimney efficiency and performance. Our chimney inspections can help you prevent chimney leaks and water penetration into your home, chimney damage and energy waste.

Inspections include hearth, floor, grate, firebox, damper, flue connections, flue termination, crown (if applicable) and spark arrestor. We check for creosote deposits and any debris from animal nest and/or storm damage.

Cleaning / Sweeping

We have an odor coming from the chimney and/or fireplace.

Part of the wood burning experience is the aroma of well-seasoned dry wood burning in the fireplace. However, after the burning season is over, we don’t want the house smelling like a fireplace. Cleaning the ashes and soot can be a hassle and unswept chimneys can be smelly during the summer months. Cleaning the fireplace and chimney after the burning season is the best way to eliminate fireplace odors during New Orleans’ humid summer months.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Contact one of the fireplace insert experts. We are here to help.